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1. To Act for re-habitation for School & financial Assistances to the physically handicapped and disabled persons from the end of public as well as private Sectors. 2. To Establish and to direct primary schools and shelters for financially and otherwise distressed children and women of the society. 3. To arrange for campaign for different/ various awareness of consumer protection Act. 4. To arrange and to direct the veterinary Hospitals for re-habitation of helpless animals. 5. To Act for education And re-habitation of the helpless children residing at street. 6. To arrange for education for illiterate Boys and Girls who are not fortunate in school education 7. To Establish and to spread as many as S.H.S. among the common people / mass (specifically among the women). 8. To take up different scientific and technological projects for providing interest and development of the society. 9. To open school, library, charitable Hospital and run them for the welfare of the poor. 10. To work for the development of folk art, folk song and folk theatre. 11. To open and run adult education centre. 12. To open and run family welfare centre for social development. 13. To hold Cultural functions containing seminars and debates. 14. To move ahead for the total development of women along with modern technologies. 15. To open and run educational and health centers for child labours. 16. To arrange for vocational training centre. 17. To take up different action program for rural development. 18. Implement different kind of project to encourage and ensure the development of rural poor women. 19. To increase the level of knowledge by providing training on Application of Basic computer. 20. Take up various developmental schemes to ensure the education, health and Socio-economic development among the minority group. 21. Organize different kind of sustainable action program for the allover development of the landless family people situated at the rural and urban area both. 22. Prevent trafficking and take necessary action for sustainable development of those who were survived under this situation since long period. 23. provide tree training on Application and use if computer for the poor and meritorious student. 24. Take up different action program to prevent river ant environment pollution through scientific and modern technical method. 25. Organize awareness program, Seminar to raise awareness about various health related issue among the people. OBJECTS 01. For vocational education center establish, scale industries, self help group formation, self employment entrepreneurship center establishment, agricultural firms and small trade mobilization. 02. For the service towards the distressed, patients and ailing people, establish charitable dispensary, charitable hospital, health center, diagnostic center, matrisadan, dharmadala, panthasala, orphan home, dan-chatra, old age home, take measures for conducting the same and etc. 03. To open orphanage and family planning center handicapped. 04. AIMS OR OBJECTS 1. To promote sympathy, fellow-feeling and unity. 2. To encourage the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through the spirit of cooperation. 3. To take up and handle the problems of the members and devotees in order to solve such problems through every possible way. 4. To promote the education cultural and social life of the members of the Foundation and the locality of the Foundation. 5. The income and property of the Foundation shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objection and purposes of the Foundation as set forth in this memorandum and no portion shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profit to the members of the Foundation. 6. It is hereby declared that the Foundation shall have no political or religious affiliation whatsoever and it is a non profit making secular Foundation. 7. To publish useful religious, cultural or any other useful papers, magazine free of cost related to development work. 8. To built, maintain and run old age home for the poor aged common people, widows and devotees. 9. To under take any other welfare activities, which the committee thinks, fit by adopting resolutions. 10. To arrange for relief to the diseased, break out of epidemic and natural calamity ridden people irrespective of caste and creed. 11. To preach and expand the ideology, advice and liberal thoughts of the great men of all nations. To encourage for giving up smoking intoxicants and drugs. To be patient and regardful to all religions. 12. To keep close relation among the members of the Foundation for their welfare. 13. To help the needy members in case of sickness, accidents and death of such members. 14. To organise free health camps, blood donation camps, eye and body donation camps e.t.c. and rally, seminars on all health related issues. 15. To promote and provide various government and semi-government hand skill, entrepreneurship training and vocational training e.t.c. especially for the backward class women’s and under privileged children. 16. To educate regarding family planning to establish charitable hospital and maternity center. 17. This Foundation will work all over India for promotion different development works relief works for discus, epidemic, natural calamity stricken people. 18. To undertake any programme for formation of women groups to organize action programme against domestic violence with introduction of socio-legal aid assistance and introduction of micro-credit entrepreneurship. 19. To work for the benefit of senior citizens and old people by providing socio legal aid, medical assistance or any other sorts of help. 20. To form and run old age home and orphan home. 21. To help to organize self – help group based programme for augmentation of the livelihood opportunities of the people at the grass root level as being beneficial to the public or to a section or public.

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