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ABM TRANS-LINES SHIPPING & LOGISTICS CORPORATION is an international Freight Forwarding company with Head Office at CALCUTTA and having branch & Associate offices in cities like Ahmedabad, Guwhati, Agartala, Baroda, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jharsugdha,Bhubaneswar,Jajpur,Raipur,Tutikorin and other destinations in India. ABM GROUP Comprises of a team of professionals, who have been honed up in areas like Perfection, Precision and Progression to achieve SPEED, QUALITY AND DETAILING. Coupled with our Freight Forwarding Activity the company is presently representing various internationally renowned NVOCC, who operates globally. LIKE ALL GOOD THINGS ABM TRANS-LINES SHIPPING & LOGISTICS CORPORATION Started 16 years Ago the company was a freight broker. It specialized in almost all branches of work related to Shipping and Maritime Trade. With the passage of time the companies are Private Limited Company today. It has expanded its activities in the areas of Clearing and Forwarding. Freight Forwarding, Specialized Marine Cargo Handling etc., both in India and aboard. As a step towards modernization it employed a good number of professionals backed by their experience in the field of shipping and attending services industry related to shipping. The company thus was immediately operating with a strong support group of technical hands. The directors of the Companies, who are also a group of expert technocrats in the fields of Shipping, gradually turned the Company to its present form. OUR ACTIVITIES The Group has focused on destinations which are land locked. We have concentrated in South East Asia, China, Central Asia, Russia, America, Europe and Afghanistan. We offer hands on and conventional consultancy in contract logistics to any organization that requires to move goods on a regular basis. The range of services includes: --- Import/export logistics. --- Carrier management to optimize cost and efficiency. --- Handling special commodities. --- Handling refrigerated cargo. --- Handling odd sized cargo (ODC). ---National base Inland transport System with All sorts of Equipment facility. With Import and export movements by Full Container Loads (FCL) or Less Than Container Loads (LCL) from major markets globally, we utilize both conference and non conference vessels to extend optimum choices that meet your requirements. We can handle your sea freight collections, container loading, documentation and logistics handling, irrespective of size or shape your consignments. You can rely on our comprehensive service, no shipment is too large or small. We can even organize complete ship charters for bulk commodities. Recent Ships Handled – 1. MV. CATHRINE V. 15500 TONS HMS. Scrap A/C MSTC IMPORT 2. MV. SHWETHON DART 2500 TONS Pulses IMPORT 3. MV. RAMBLER 1900 TONS Project Cargo IMPORT 4. MV. SEA ROSE 1650 TONS Construction Machinery. EXPORT With direct consolidation around the world we deliver a complete cost effective range of services for all your inbound/outbound shipments. Close overseas cooperation is essential in providing the high standard of services our customers expect. In view of this we have an extensive network of partners and associates building excellent relationships with companies worldwide. Our information systems such as EDI, Electronic Mail and other modern facilities ensure that your air shipments are closely monitored at every stage, right up to safe delivery at destination. The Group guarantees its clients to Provide Road Transport Services with Door to Door movement of Cargo. We engage modern transport systems for all types of freight, Trucks/Trailers mounted with swing lifts, used for either picking up and /or delivering full or empty containers at client’s premises. Calcutta Port has an unique geographical position that has a hinterland covering at least eight land locked states which are Industrially highly developed and of course NEPAL and BHUTAN are regular visitors in this area. Intra state or inter state transportation of cargoes as well as cargoes of odd dimensions are frequently taken up to meet our customers’ requirements. Transportation of over sized, over weight, perishable, fragile or bulk commodities and Dangerous Cargo is Group’s specialty. As part of total commitment to render complete logistics solutions we are able to provide or advise on all aspects of warehousing distribution and storage. Our customers engage us for total service package or as an independent service. CUSTOMS HANDLING The diverse nature of customs and quarantine requirements globally promoted the need for expert advice. Customs Regulations vary worldwide and compliance or knowledge of these is essential for effective handling of consignment both at the origin and at the destination. Our handling services cover almost all the aspects of the international trade and commerce irrespective of the trading status i.e. under DRAWBACK / DEEPB / DEEC etc.

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